I love this quote from Coco Chanel. Obviously, I agree with the sentiment that people should try not to leave their homes looking like they rolled out of bed (even in college, I was never one of those girls who went to class in pajamas, shudder). But, more importantly, I agree with the power of possibility. 

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Picture of a hipster taking a picture of a hipster taking a picture of food. Thanks to cloudberryfactory for submitting this perfect piece of meta.

  1. Camera: HTC Vision
  2. Focal Length: 3mm

I wish I was in Florida right now… #perfectweather

Just a thought on this beautiful #randomwednesday… Who or what is the number one priority in your life? Since coming to Bible college, I’ve had to take a step back and examine the things I put before God in my life. Why do I desire material things so much? Would I be okay if God told me to sell everything right now? Would I listen? Or make up excuses for myself? If God really is who I believe He is, I don’t need these things I’ve put so much effort into getting. He is MORE THAN ENOUGH for me! He is the Great I Am. He is Jehovah Jireh, my PROVIDER. Learning to surrender everything, like really everything to Him, has been so freeing. My desire is for HIM. Not for things that will only be here with me during my short time on this earth.

My favorite nail polish. #elephantasticpink #opi